volunteer driver code of conduct

Together our goal is to ensure the maximum number of residents in Marion County have an opportunity to vote. Many of these residents rely on public transportation or lack access to transportation. That’s where YOU come in!

  • Go Vote Indy is a non-partisan organization. As such, Go Vote Indy does not support, endorse or oppose any candidate. Please do not wear clothing or apparel that endorses or opposes any candidate while volunteering for Go Vote Indy. Please also refrain from engaging in conversation that endorses or opposes any candidate (passengers are welcome to talk about it - please leave personal opinions out of the conversation).

  • Respect the passenger as an individual and honor their integrity without prejudice to their economic status, abilities, race and customs, cultural and religious needs.

  • Carry out the duties responsibly, safely, and in a competent manner. The primary responsibility is to provide safe transportation.

  • Refrain from using profane, insensitive, or inappropriate language/remarks.

  • Physical or emotional violence toward passengers or others is expressly prohibited.

  • Use of alcohol, drugs and tobacco while transporting passenger is expressly prohibited.

  • Refrain from carrying guns or weapons in vehicle, unless explicitly licensed to possess.

  • If a passenger becomes unruly, aggressive, or a danger to themselves or others, pull over as soon as possible and call 911.

  • If a passenger experiences a sudden medical emergency, pull over as soon as possible and call 911.

  • Behave in the most appropriate or desirable manner while performing the duties that will not create liability or bring into disrepute Go Vote Indy.

  • Drivers and travel buddies must wear masks and maintain the safety partition for the duration of transportation both to and from voting location.

  • Driver must use hands-free device if phone calls or GPS navigation is required while transporting passengers.

  • If driver has a last-minute issue that prevents fulfilling a scheduled ride, call Go Vote Indy at 317-804-1083 as soon as possible so an alternate driver can be scheduled.

  • Failure to alert Go Vote Indy of inability to fulfill a scheduled ride or skipping a ride entirely will result in immediate removal from volunteer list and will have no scheduled rides in the future.

  • Please keep vehicle clean and free of garbage.