About go vote indy

Go Vote Indy is a nonpartisan group of passionate volunteers focused on helping Indianapolis residents register to vote, learn about voting rights, and get to the polls to cast their ballot for the 2020 election. We engage with community partners to register voters in Marion County and provide free transportation to the polls to ensure that as many Hoosiers as possible can make their voices heard. Go Vote Indy was founded in 2020 by three Indianapolis locals who felt inspired to come together to help others in their community to engage with the political process.

Our founders


Lindsay is an Indiana native who grew up in the lakeside town of Angola, obtained her degree from Valparaiso University, and lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for several years before settling down in Indianapolis. She is currently a Creative Lead with Mnemonic Agency, and she also leverages her creative talents as a freelance videographer and short film maker. In her free time Lindsay enjoys watching horror movies, traveling with friends, and hiking with her husband, Brant, and two dogs, ZZ and Peekaboo. She is passionate about Go Vote Indy because she believes in the importance of action and making sure that every person has an equal opportunity to participate in the political process.


Aimee was born in Incheon, South Korea and was raised in Indiana. She studied Communications & Culture with a minor in History at Indiana University Bloomington. After graduating and working in Indiana, Aimee relocated to Philadelphia, PA for five years. In Philadelphia, Aimee became more aware of systemic inequities, and her own personal experiences as well as the shared experiences of other people she met there shaped her views. She felt deeply motivated to help create a more equitable and just world than the one in which her son was born in 2016. Aimee believes that voting is a right and that access to voting should be equal regardless of ethnicity, class, or geographical location.


Justin is an Indiana native who grew up in Kokomo. After obtaining his Master's Degree from Ball State University, he moved to Indianapolis to begin a career in the concert industry. He currently works with artists, managers, and agents to brand national concert tours and special events. In his free time Justin enjoys fishing, traveling to concerts, and spending time with family. He is passionate about Go Vote Indy because he knows everyone deserves to have their voice heard and the barriers of voter suppression must be promptly removed.